2013 – 2015


Post No of posts   2013 -2015  
President 1 1 A. V. Venugopal
Vice President 3 2 N Ravindran
  3 V M Sethuchandran
  4 John D Panakkal
General Secretary 1 5 B G Raghavan
Asst. Secretary 3 6 C Haridas
  7 O Aravindakshan
  8 N B Viswan
Treasurer 1 9 P Krishna mohan
Asst. Treasurer 1 10 A Sasidharan
Regional Secretary  
Kannur 1 11 N Ramesan
Calicut 1 12 K P Radha
Palakkad 1 13 P Unnikrishnan
Ernakulam 1 14 C Mohandas
Trivandrum 1 15 K Sreekumar
Trichur 1 16 M R Mukunda Raja
Executive Committee 4
  17 K Venugopal
  18 P P Sureshkumar
  19 M P Mallika
  20 T N Muralimohan
Editor – Waves 1 21 Rema Menon
Convenor – Waves 1 22 Indira Mohan
WAVES Editorial Board  
Editor 1 1 Rema Menon
Convenor 1 2 Indira Mohan
Member 6 3 A P Prakash
  4 N K Balamani
  5 N E Narendranath
  6 P K Rajagopal
  7 K T Viswanathan
  Uma Sreeram   

                  SUB COMMITTEES


Chairman  :  K Venugopal, Convenor :  A Sasidharan


Chairman: N Ravindran ,Convenor: T N Muralimohan


Chairman: M A Rammohan,Convenor: P P Sureshkumar

  •              KEY OFFICE BEARERS FROM 2006 ONWARDS  
  •   Patron : Sh N P G Namboodiri, General Manager (retd)
    Period President Gen Secretary Treasurer
    2006 – 2007 Venugopal K Venugopal A V K Govindankutty
    2007 – 2008 Satyadevan K P Venugopal A V K Govindankutty
    2008-2009 Satyadevan K P Venugopal A V Krishnamohan P
    2009-2010 Balakrishnan Nair B Ravindran N Sethuchandran V M
    2010-2011 Venugopal A V Ravindran N Narendranatha N E
    2011-2013 Venugopal A V Raghavan B G Krishnamohan P
    2013-2015 Venugopal A V Raghavan B G Krishnamohan P


  • Our Association represents the retirees/ pensioners/ resignees/ VRS Optees in the officer cadre of Punjab National Bank and ENBL in Kerala.

  • As part of empowerment programme for members, talks by prominent personalities in the this field, picnics and tours are being arranged.
  • Talks on medical treatment by eminent doctors are a regular feature.
  • News Letter ‘WAVES’ containing facts, figures ,jokes ,fiction ,banking updates, information for the retired staff with the new developments that are taking place in the banking industry, Literary contributions from members etc are published on a quarterly basis.
  • New Year & Onam are celebrated every year at Calicut with active participation of members and family with the blessings of our Circle Offices & AIPNBOA.
  • The idea of an Association for the retired Officers of Erstwhile Nedungadi Bank and the present Punjab National Bank came up during an informal chat between Venugopal A V & Krishnamohan P at the residence of the former.
  • They together mobilised like-minded persons and an Organising Committee was formed with A V Venugopal as General Convenor.
  • The first meeting of the Organising Committee was held on 26.02.2006 at Kalpaka Auditorium under the chairmanship of A V Venugopal.
  • 23 retired officers attended the meeting.
  • The following persons were unanimously elected as Executive Committee members: Patron – Sh N P G Nambudhiri, President- Sh K Venugopal, Vice presidents- Sh K P Satyadevan & Sh K Aravindaksha Menon, Gen Secretary: Sh A V Venugopal, Jt Secretary – Sh P Krishnamohan & Sh P K Rajagopal, Treasurer- Sh K Govindankutty, Asst Treasurer- Sh E K Asokan Adiyodi, Members- Sh R Ramakrishnan, Sh T M Prabhakaran, Sh T Gopinath & Sh M Satheesan.
  • The Bye Laws of the Association was also adopted in this meeting.
  • The idea of a News letter was mooted in the E C Meeting held on 25.02.2009 and a committee with Smt.Rema Menon, Smt.Indira Mohan, Smt.K P Radha, Sh.Asokan Adiyodi and Sh.P.Krishnamohan was constituted.
  • The name of the News Letter, WAVES, suggested by Sh.K.Balakrishnan (retd AGM) was selected from the four entries received.
  • The first issue of WAVES was released by Sh K Jayapal Samuel, State President of PNB Officers Association by handing over a copy to Sh T Sadanandan, the senior most member at the 3rd Annual General Meeting held on 01.05.2009 at the Sports Council Hall, Calicut. Smt Rema Menon was elected as the Editor of the News Letter.
  • First District Meeting outside Calicut was held at Nenmini Tourist Home, Guruvayur on 21.06.2011. District Meetings were also held at Kannur on 27.07.2011.
  • First Family Get Together outside Calicut was arranged at Hotel Gazala, Palakkad on 16.09.2011.
  • Family Pensioners (spouse of the deceased retired officer) are being admitted as Associate Members as per Resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting held on 09.05.2012.
  • New Year Celebrations was extended outside Calicut by organising them at Palakkad on 23.12.2012, and at Ernakulam on 13.01.2013.
  • The Association was affiliated with AIPNBPRA (All India Punjab National Bank Pensioners & Retirees Association as per Resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting held on 08.04.2013
  • A Sub Committee for Social Welfare with Sh K Venugopal, Chairman and Sh A Sasidharan, Convenor was formed as per Resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting held on 08.04.2013.
  • Another Sub Committee with Sh M A RamMohan, Chairman, Sh P P Sureshkumar, Convenor constituted to monitor the creation & maintenance of WEBSITE of the Association.
  • A Sub Committee for Members Welfare with Sh N Ravindran, Chairman, Sh Muralimohan T N, Convenor was formed as per Resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting held on 23.04.2014.
  • WEBSITE of the Association was made live with effect from 21.07.2014 – url :


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