New Year Celebrations

New Year Celeberations & Family Get Together

Hotel Alakapuri, Calicut on 13.01.2018



The celeberations started with a welcome accorded by Gen Secretary. He also outlined the programme for the day.

Sh P Krishnamohan conducted a well participated Memory Game at the first instance.

The following members and their relatives took part in the songs that followed – Gopinath T, Unnikrishnan V.K, Godfrey Bernard, Sethuchandran V.M, Meera, asha, Sweta, and Yathin Raj.

Smt Indira and Sh T Gopinath recited Kavitha also.

Dance items by Kum Vandana, grand daughter of Ravindran and Balamani; Kum Anjali V M, grand daughter of Narendranath

Sh Gopalakrishnan conducted a very informative quiz on New Year, followed by some Tricky and Humourous questions.

Narendranath, Ramesan and Haridas held a Tambola.

Sh Narendranath, Convenor proposed a vote of Thanks.

This was followed by Lunch.


13.01.2018                                                                            N.E.Narendranath




Name Relative of Relationship
Vandana Ravindran N & Balamani N K Grand Daughter
Anjali V M Narendranath N E Grand Daughter
Meera K Gangadhara Panicker K Grand Daughter
Asha Smt K Indira Daughter
Sweta Smt K Indira Grand daughter
Yathin Raj A B G Raghavan Grand Son
Gopinath T   Member
Unnikrishnan V K   Member
Sethuchandran V M   Member
Godfrey Bernard   Member
Smt K Indira   Associate Member
Gopinath T   Member
Memory Test Conducted by Sh Krishnamohan P  
Rema Menon  – I   Member
Remani   – II Sasidharan A wife
Abhiram V M -   III Narendranath N E Grand Son
Tambola Conducted by Narendranath, Ramesan & Haridas  
Jaldi 5 – Godfrey Bernard   Member
First Line – Godfrey Bernard   Member
Middle Line – T Y Damodaran   Member
Last Line – Rema Menon   Member
Full House – Rema Menon   Member


Quiz Programme on New Year and Tricky Questions conducted by Sh A Gopalakrishnan.