Report of Onam Celeberations – Calicut – 09.09.2017

Meeting started with prayer by Kum Swarga Sudhish. Smt Sumithra Bhaskaran AGM and Circle Head, Kozhikode Circle inagurated.  Sh N Ravindran, President chaired the meeting.  Sh B G Raghavan, Gen Secretary welcomed all and Sh N E Narendranath, Convenor proposed a vote of thanks.

Star Singer fame Kum Keerthana enthralled the audience with melodious film songs. Kum Anjali, grand daughter of Sh N E Narendranath presented a cute Dance. Entertainment ptogramms in the form of Music by Sh T Gopinath (member), Kum Swargaa Sudhish, grand niece of B G Raghavan; Kum Kushi, grand daughter of N Ramesan, Master Parthiv, Smt Anjana grand son and daughter of P Sethumadhavan, Smt Hansa wife of V Damodaran, Sethuchandran V M; Kavitha by Master Yathin Raj grand son of B G Raghavan were presented. Group song by Smt Rajani & Smt Anjana (wife & daughter of P Sethumadhavan) along with Master Abhiram, grand son of Sh N E Narendranath. Duet by Kum Keerthana and T Gopinath.

Sh A Gopalakrishnan conducted a very lively Quiz on Onam. Messrs N E Narendranath, N Ramesan and M M Unni were in charge of Tambola. Sh Asokan Adiyodi, Smt Rugmini (w/o C R Radhakrishnan), Smt Vimala (mother of Keerthana). Smt Sathi Devi(w/o haridas C), Smt Hansa (w/o V Damodaran) and Smt Anjana( daughter of P Sethumadhavan) and Sh K Jayapal were the winners. A large and exquisite pookalam prepared by Sh O Aravindakshan, K T Viswanathan, N Ravindran, Messrs K P Radha, K Sabeeda, N K Balamani, T Balamani and Smt Girija (w/o V M Sethuchandran) was very attractive.


Report on Onam Celebration and Family Gey Together

Thrissur– Dhanalakshmi Bank Officers Organisation Hall

 16.09.2017 at 10.30 a.m

Meeting started with silent prayer.

A minutes’ silence’was observed in memory of Sh P V Mathew, veteran of the Banking movement, Sh Vijayakumar, a colleague who passed away. Tributes were also paid to the father of Sh P R Hari (our member) who also breathed his last a few days back.

Sh V A Rajan, President, Thrissur District Unit welcomed all the members He wished all the members and family members a very happy & prosperou Onam, even though a little belated.

Sh Ravindran as President of the meeting stressed the importance of monthy meetings and expressed the desire that all members should cooperate and take earnest efforts to have such meetings.

Sh Gurumurthi R, AGM, BO: Palace Road inagurated the Celeberations and addressed the gathering. He was all praise for the Koottayma and also pointe out certain avenues available to Retirees to serve the Bank with monetary benefit even after retirement.

Members then introduced themselves and family members. All the members were then presented with a small memento in the form of a pen.

Sh K P Radhakrishnan, President Thrissur District unit of AIBPARC offered feliciatations and highlighted the sad plight of retirees. He said that Associations like this holding family get together with celeberations will become some solace.

Sh B G Raghavan, Gen Secretary briefed about the strength of PNBROA and the issues/ problems affecting the Retirees and Pensioners and the impact of recent developments in the Banking sector with special refernce to merger of Banks, Gratuity, Medical Insurance Scheme etc.

Sh K G Valsalan proposed a vote of thanks.

Kavitha by Sh K G Valsalan, and Smt Lakshmi, daughter of Sh N V Soman entertained the audience. Kathakali Padangal of Sh K C Vasudevan was like an icing on the whole function.

Members disbursed after a sumptous and delicious Onam sadhya.

Report on Onam Celebration and Family Gey Together

Ernakulam– N S S Karayogam Hall, Kaloor

 17.09.2017 at 10.30 a.m

Meeting started with prayer by Smt Sheela Reghukumar, w/o Sh Reghu kumar B

Sh Viswan N B, President, Dy General Secretary welcomed all the members

Sh Ravindran President who chaired the meeting wished all those present a happy Onam.

Sh Raj Kumar B Retd GM, inagurated the Celeberations and addressed the gathering. He said that it a very heartening to note that retirees/pensioners are keeping alive their relationship even after retirement.

Smt Sunila, Chairperson of Maradu Panchayat, who is the daughter of our member Smt Lizzy Sibby, Sh Sasidhara Panicker Retd AGM and Sh B G Raghavan, Gen Secretary offered feliciatations.

Sh Mohandas C, Regional Secretary proposed the vote of thanks.

A very good Pookalam added clour to the function. The exhibition of COINS by Sh Mohanan Nair M N, our member & President, Kerala Numismatic Association was an added attraction which took all those present with surprise and was a rare experience.

Variety Entertainement in the form of Dance by Kum Vaishnavi Harish and Smt Smitha Harish grand daughter and daughter of Sh C Mohandas; dance by Kum Crissy Sherin, grand daughter of Smt Lizzy Sibbi; Kavitha by Sh V K Unnikrishnan; Music by Sh V Harikumar, Sathi Maohandas (wife of C Mohandas), Raj Kumar, Mohanan Nair M N and Viswan N B; and a pep talk on Onam by Kum Sradha Rajeev, grand daughter of Sh N V Unniraghavan were presented to the joy of all.

This was followed by Onam Sadhya served by members gave a family touch to the whole function.

Altogether 27 members and 16 family members participated in the celebration, apart from the Chief Guest and his wife.

General Secretary





Altogether 26 members and 10 family members participated in the celebration.