pnb hospitalisation contributory benefit scheme for retired employees

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  • pnb hospitalisation contributory benefit scheme for retired employees

REF: PAD CIR.NO.124/2012                 Dated : 19.09.2012

circular is also available on bank‟s website:

1.The scheme covers all the retired employees irrespective of cadre and the scheme stands circulated vide HRD Division Cir.No.515 dated 19.02.2009.



2.The funds for running the said scheme come from Staff Welfare Fund as well as by way of one time subscription of Rs.5000/- by retiring employees.

3.The objective of the scheme is to provide hospitalisation assistance to the eligible retired employees and their spouses.

4. The scheme was modified vide HRDD Circular No.530 dated 20.03.2009 to permit officers/workmen who had retired voluntarily under PNB Officers‟ Service Regulations/PNB Employees Pension Regulation after putting in 30 years of service in the bank or completing 55 years of age, whichever was earlier to become member of the scheme with the condition that such retirees shall be entitled to avail the benefits under the scheme only on attaining the age of 60 years.


5. The scheme be made available for PNBEVRS 2000 retirees with the condition that they shall be eligible for the benefits only after 60 years of age and they will be able to claim benefits under the Scheme after one year from the date of realization of cheque/draft towards the subscription.

6. Annual limit of reimbursement of Rs.40000/- specified in the Scheme be enhanced to Rs.100000/- per year for self & spouse within the overall limit of Rs.200000/- upto the age of 75 years w.e.f. 01.10.2012.